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I started keeping quail for several reasons.
1.  They provide natural fertilizer and insect control in my garden.
2.  They provide me with eggs and meat.
3.  They don’t take up a lot of space due to their small size.
4.  They are quieter than chickens.

5.  They allow me to be more self reliant.

My quail are kept in large pens on the ground in as natural an environment as I can give them.

I am a CA licensed egg handler, license #CA-0806

Our focus

Raising healthy, happy birds to produce the best quality eggs and chicks


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I am a California licensed egg handler and working toward NPIP certification. I genuinely care about the quality of life that my quail have. They live in large pens with plants, shelters, and plenty of food and water. No battery cages. No overcrowded, dark barn.

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